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Toys”R”Us is a leading children shop for playthings, video games, dolls, baby & toddler products.

It is the world’s premier shop dedicated  to id playthings.  The shop has 873 outlets in the USA and  520 worldwide. Well known brands of the company are,,, and

The company provides shoppers with an amazing collection of toys and accessories spanning all genders and ages. You can find safe and industry certified  dolls, baby playthings, video games, electronics and building blocks.

Parents are welcome to each section of the shop where you will find neatly arranged products. Each department has a display based on age and gender of the child.

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Variety is the hallmark of Toys R Us. You can shop for your playthings by theme such as Disney or by Character such as Spiderman. Each items is colorfully presented and safe for all types of play.  The shop also sells boys and girls bikes with assorted features.

Toys R US specifically caters for babies, toddlers and teens. To make the appropriate selection of product, you have assistants on stand by to help you decide on which product best meets the amusement needs of your child.

Spend $150  and get a $5 reward certificate. Also receive up to $20 “R”Us Dollars every month for your patronage. Privileged members get  Free Diapers, Infant Formula, Greeting Cards, and LeapFrog® items.

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