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Enfamil is a world trusted baby formula from Mead Johnson. It has years of experience in premium baby food and also reputed to be the world’s leading provider of science-based pediatric nutrition..

Over the years, its producer, Mead Johnson has made substantial impact on motherhood whereby it has introduced hundreds of formula to supplement breastfeeding. From its early days in 1959 to date, Enfamil has been the preferred nutritional alternative for all mothers looking to have quality yet affordable substitute to breast milk.

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To further lower the price of its products, the company has a refill pack whereby mothers can use  to replenish their feed at a lower cost.

Each infant formula obtained from Enfamil has been rigorously tested by appropriate agencies to ensure that they have the requisite nutrients to enhance the development and growth of the infant. To this end, the all contain the essential vitamins and minerals needed to guarantee the proper nourishment of the baby.

The products have been certified by top medial practitioners and nutritionists and are highly recommended for mothers looking forward to bottle feeding for various social and medical reasons.

The products are safe for all baby types Whether you have a hypersensitive baby or allergic child, there are formulas to help you cope with peculiarities of all kinds.

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