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Cold Creek is a women’s apparel and accessories store that categorically serves the unique needs of professional and employed women. It has the reputation of being the first store to specifically cater to the needs of older women when it comes to contemporary fashion clothing like denim.  The company has a policy of apportioning huge chunks of its budget to staff training so you are assured of excellent customer and sales service as you shop with them.

Coldwater Creek Printable Coupons 2013

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Coldwater Creek Promo Code 2013

Coldwater Creek sells designer and general female apparel of all sizes. The store has a special section that caters to plus size women. There is also a jewelry department where top notch accessories of all types are retailed.

Perhaps the best part of your experience with the store is the No Iron racks where wash and wear clothes are separated from the rest of the clothing line and displayed to the customers for their choice. This section serves a good purpose for busy shoppers and people who need to mange their wardrobe with ease.

You can save on your purchases with Cold Creek. For a start, you have 50% off every apparel you buy. Thereafter, you can take advantage of the almost weekly offers , rebates and coupons that are offered by the outlet.

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